Prepare for a Home Inspection

Homeowners can do these things to make the inspection easier & also reduce the number of minor repairs noted on the report

Avoid Problems During the Inspection

  • Make sure that all utilities are on (water, power, gas)
  • Unlock crawl space door
  • Unlock detached structures such as garages, pool houses, and guest cottages
  • Unlock gates
  • Make sure electrical panels are easily accessible
  • Make sure attic doors are easily accessible and able to be opened
  • Remove or secure pets
  • Ignite any pilot lights (gas lots, water heaters, etc.)

Prepare Your Home

  • Remove food and other items from microwaves & ovens
  • Remove dishes from dishwasher
  • Replace any burnt out or flickering light bulbs
  • Replace dirty air filters
  • Replace any missing outlet or switch covers
  • Clean out gutters
  • Replace missing window screens
  • Clean your dryer vent
  • Adjust doors that do not latch properly

Other Notes

  • Homeowners should not distract, interfere with, or follow the inspector through the home.
  • Potential buyers frequently attend a portion of the inspection, though the buyers’ agent may not. The inspector assumes that the seller has provided approval for buyers to attend without their agents present.
  • In cases where a home is vacant, the inspector will not be responsible for turning off the water to the home and/or flipping the breaker for the water heater.
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